Studio Art Scholarship Application

    To be considered for a studio art scholarship at Willamette, we require the following:

    • A completed application for admission, including all required documents; and,
    • The studio art scholarship application.

    Your scholarship application will not be reviewed until you have completed both your application for admission, including submission of all required documents, this form and other submission requirements.

    Please ensure that you have the following items prepared prior to beginning this application:

    • A 500-word essay on the topic: "How does art influence contemporary society, and how do you want to use art to affect change?"; and,
    • A digital version of your art portfolio accessible via Google Drive link.

    Digital Portfolio Guidelines:

    • Your portfolio should include 5-10 work samples (which can include works-in-progress). All types of artwork are acceptable.
    • If you have video samples you would like to share, you may include 1-2 excerpts up to one minute in length each.
    • All files should be in Google Drive in a shared format.

    Registration is no longer available because the registration deadline has passed.